Legal Opinion from Hong Kong Lawyers

When significant transactions involve Hong Kong limited companies, the parties involved often seek a Legal Opinion from Hong Kong lawyers to verify the legal status of the Hong Kong company. This opinion letter confirms various aspects such as:

  • Whether the company is duly registered and validly maintained under Hong Kong law;
  • Whether the company is involved in any litigation in Hong Kong;
  • Whether the company is subject to winding-up proceedings in Hong Kong;
  • Whether the directors of the company are facing litigation or bankruptcy proceedings in Hong Kong; and
  • Whether the company holds the necessary licenses and registrations for conducting relevant business activities;

Upon gathering the required information through various channels, we will prepare a clear and comprehensive Legal Opinion in the form of a letter. This will enable the parties involved to strategically consider whether to proceed with acquisitions, mergers, investments, or whether adjustments to the acquisition price are necessary.

Recognizing the time constraints often associated with business transactions, once we receive instructions, we will efficiently prepare and provide the aforementioned Legal Opinion to facilitate prompt consideration and completion of the transaction.

Why engage CPH Legal to prepare the Legal Opinion on Hong Kong law?

Our legal team possesses extensive experience in commercial litigation and criminal proceedings. With our efficient work practices and keen insights, we can provide practical and appropriate legal opinions. Furthermore, compared to international law firms, our legal fees for preparing the Legal Opinion are more reasonable and "down-to-earth", and this in turn can assist you in effectively controlling transaction costs.