Conducting Due Diligence in Hong Kong

CPH Legal is experienced in Due Diligence. We can act for you whether you are acquiring shares in a Hong Kong company, or if when you are planning to enter into a major transaction with a Hong Kong company and need to investigate the legal status of the target company in order to reduce your risks.

To conduct effective due diligence, we need to thoroughly investigate into the past and current legal status of the target company, whether it is involved in any litigation or potential litigation, review its corporate structure and major contracts that affect its business and legal status, employment issues, as well as regulatory and compliance issues.

Depending on your budget, time constraint, willingness of both parties, and whether there are industry-specific needs and requirements, we can devise a suitable due diligence package for you, and conduct the process effectively and efficiently, so as to find out the legal healthiness of the target company and provide suitable warnings where appropriate.

Depending on your needs, we may investigate via the following means:

  • Searches on the Companies Registry
  • Searches on the Land Registry
  • Liquidation Search
  • Litigation Search
  • Reviewing key contracts
  • Interviewing directors and employees from various levels
  • Interviewing suppliers and customers of the target company
  • Visiting the Registered Office and place of business of the target company
  • Conducting surveillance and compiling a report

After we gather the necessary information, we can prepare a detailed and comprehensible Due Diligence Report, so as to help you consider strategically whether to continue with the acquisition, merger or investment, or whether you should adjust the consideration and terms in doing so.

Why engage CPH Legal to conduct due diligence?

Our legal team is experienced in commercial litigation and criminal litigation, and have handled various fraud cases. We have practical experience in conducting investigation and have helped foreign companies detect and gather evidence of fraud involving Hong Kong companies in an efficient manner. With our efficiency and an eye for detail that can quickly detect and identify suspicions, we can compile Due Diligence Reports that are accurate and offer practical legal advice.